Are gutter guards cost effective?

Depending on the type you choose, you can take a DIY approach to gutter protectors if you want to save money. Anyway, you'll have to pay for materials and you'll also need equipment, such as a ladder, safety glasses, gloves, and more. I've seen tons of outright flaws in cheap DIY systems. I recommend staying away from these.

Not only is metal less combustible than plastic alternatives, but the gutter guards themselves help prevent debris from entering the gutter and drying out. Many people wonder if gutter covers are a solution to the problem, since these types of products claim to be able to slow down or even prevent debris from entering the gutters. Installation can be costly and companies don't tell you that your gutters still need routine maintenance, even with gutter guards. By creating a barrier between rodents, birds and even snakes and the spacious gutter below, gutter guards are a vital first line of defense against a larger pest problem.

You may complain about having to prepare for gutter cleaning at least twice a year, but if you don't, problems can arise. You should call a professional gutter cleaning service to ensure that all accumulated debris is removed, which could be up to four times a year in an area rich in foliage. Keeping those long branches trimmed back and away from your home can help keep gutters clean and avoid any safety hazards. Gutter guards, also known as leaf guards, cover gutters and prevent leaves, pine needles and other debris from being trapped.

If you have large trees in your garden, gutter protectors will really save you time and unpleasant labor by helping to prevent gutters from clogging up. In addition, they cause other problems, such as restricting rainwater runoff to the gutter and ice dams in winter, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair, far exceeding the perceived value of gutter protections. It's a simple fact that gutters and downspouts end up accumulating debris over time, and that debris needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid more serious problems in the future. Solid “shield” type gutter protectors rely on the capillary properties of water to get water into the gutters.

The more gutter protection material you need for your gutter system, the more you can expect to pay for the project. Avoiding such protections and establishing a cleaning program for gutters twice a year, according to expert advice, is best practice. These types of gutter covers tend to use concealed fasteners that secure the protection to the roof fascia, leading to more durable and secure gutter protection. So how do you select the right gutter protection system for your needs? Here's an introduction to seven different types of gutter protectors available.

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