Are gutters really necessary on a house?

Contractors install a gutter system in every new home they build because their job of guiding rainwater and storm water off the roof and away from the foundation of the house is essential to the home's structural well-being. That is, when the gutter is kept clean and free of debris. While gutters are not required by legislation, they are necessary for most homeowners to prevent damage to their homes. Read below for some of the key reasons why gutters are necessary.

Rain gutters are the most controversial type of gutters. They are usually not required by law on a pitched roof, and many modern homes omit them, even in cases where they are beneficial. To decide for yourself whether rain gutters are necessary for your home, it's best to weigh the facts first. Some houses with particular qualities do not need gutters.

A home without a basement or a house with excellent landscape drainage may not even need gutters. Rain can fall down the roof of the entire house and drain off the walls, thanks to gravity. Houses built according to the code are located on a slight slope to guide runoff away from the foundation. If rain comes out of your roof because it has no gutters, the water causes massive erosion, dragging more and more land every time it rains.

This causes the carefully sloped landscape to wear out, allowing runoff to flow into your home rather than away from it. If you decide to install your gutter system professionally, one of your options will be seamless gutters that prevent any leakage through the seams. If you get a lot of flooding in your basement and you have rotted siding in your house, this could also be a sign that you have no gutters and that you should or have clogged or damaged gutters. Generally, gutters don't increase the value of a home unless they are a luxury product, such as copper gutters.

Either you have to climb the ladder and do it yourself or you need to hire a professional gutter cleaning company to do it for you. The general rule of thumb is to clean gutters at least twice a year, but more so if you have a lot of trees hanging over your home or if you live in an area that experiences a lot of storms. Legitimate reasons for skipping gutters have been given above, and a good roofer will point them out when he tells you not to replace or add gutters. Before deciding whether to install gutters right away or leave your home as-is for a while, it's important to understand what gutters are and what they do.

In addition, if the gutter or gutter protection system includes a lifetime warranty that can be transferred to new homeowners, it can increase the sale price of your home. These improve the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your gutter system by preventing gutters from clogging. Although gutters are generally necessary or highly recommended, there are some situations where gutters are optional. A new gutter and gutter protection system increases the value of your home because it increases the functionality of your home.

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