What is the best liquid to use to clean windows?

The best professional Windex Complete window cleaning solutions. Windex Complete's ammonia-based formula provides impressive cleaning and streak reduction capabilities. Stoner Invisible Glass premium glass cleaner. Our pick for the best overall window cleaner is Windex.

It simply cleans and removes streaks better than any of the other products we tested. Windex proved to rise to even the toughest challenges. The ammonia-based cleaner broke down difficult compounds and consistently removed dirty, sticky, and greasy stains on mirrors, windows and other surfaces. All you need to achieve brilliant window cleaning is a little liquid detergent and warm water.

There's no need to buy an expensive detergent, as cheap products will work just as well as long as you use it a little. Choose a cordless model with decent battery life and keep in mind that these cleaning appliances tend to work best with a cleaning liquid, so if you're looking for a natural solution that doesn't involve chemicals, you might want to keep reading. We also recommend that you keep these and all cleaning products out of reach of children and increase ventilation as much as possible while cleaning by opening windows and turning on fans. There are several different routes to clean windows, depending on how dirty the windows are, how big they are, how much time you have, and whether you prefer to use natural cleaning agents such as vinegar or not.

Because glass surfaces, such as mirrors and windows, are cleaned frequently and touched on a regular basis, it's important to understand what exactly your cleaning products contain. However, while cleaning windows is a relatively easy cleaning job, it's also a bit of an art form when it comes to achieving a streak-free finish. Whether you choose a homemade or store-bought vinegar cleaning solution, start with these tips and techniques on how to clean windows inside and out to get the job done quickly and easily. We'll be honest and say that even the best window cleaning products won't work if you're using the wrong tools or if you haven't mastered the right technique to clean your windows yet.

To keep your eyesight free of stains (and your light-loving houseplants), follow these cleaning tips from Carolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Unlike dusting shelves or cleaning kitchen counters, with an incorrect cleaning technique, it can often feel like you've made your windows worse, not better. There is a wealth of tips on how to clean windows, from making your own window cleaner solution with vinegar to the old newspaper trick. Alicia Johnson, owner of Cleaning Green LLC, based in West Covina (opens in a new tab), told us that to ensure that it is absolutely flawless and that there are no streaks left, the tool you are using matters more than the cleaning solution.

And if you're not confident in your cleaning skills, you can always call the professionals for your cleaning and maintenance needs. It doesn't matter whether you use good vinegar or an elegant spray to clean windows, if you use “a regular cloth that's not even designed to clean windows,” you're likely to find that it “leaves messy marks and streaks.”.

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